Worcester Fire Door Installation and Maintenance

BMTrada QMark certified for the installation and repairs and fire doors.

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Ensuring that your fire doors are correctly installed and maintained is an important part of keeping your premises or business safe.

The manufacturers test data has all of the information required to install a fire door correctly, and we have a list of approved repair techniques that can be carried out to a doorset.

If you are looking for Worcester fire door installation or Worcestershire fire door maintenance then we’re able to help you.

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We have trained operatives, who have all undergone training to comply with the BMTrada QMark certification scheme for fire door installation and maintenance.

Where we’ve worked covers a wide range of locations from schools, to offices or healthcare environments.

All of our doorsets are bespoke joinery pieces, sourced from certified joinery shops who are also certificated under QMark.

Worcester fire doors are generally FD30 (30 minute) or FD60 (60 minute) fire rated. They can be with or without vision panels (glass).

Over the years w have worked throughout Worcester and Worcestershire quite extensively.