Evesham and Pershore Fire Door Installers and Maintenance

Certified with BMTrada QMark for the installation and maintenance of fire doors – can we help you?

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Ensuring that fire doors are correctly installed is very important. The manufacturers test data will dictate certain specific requirements for the installation of fire doors, and ensuring these are followed are key for a correct installation.

There are also specific approved repair techniques that can be carried out to fire doors.

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We are 3rd party certified for the installation and maintenance of fire doors with BMTrada QMark.

Our accredited installer has trained many of our operatives in the processes to be followed to ensure a compliant install or repair.

We’re used to working in a wide range of locations, from schools or offices or healthcare environments for example.

Our new fire doors are sourced from an accredited joinery shop, and are bespoke for individual locations.

Doors are generally available in 30 or 60 (FD30 or FD60) ratings, and with a variety of finishes.

We have worked quite extensively throughout Evesham and Pershore over the years, and look forward to hearing from you.