How does it work?


Initial Contact

Get in touch with us with some information on your requirements. This could be a complete schedule of works, or simply a request to install a fire door.

We don’t have minimum orders, and are very happy to work on single doors.


Upon receipt of the enquiry we will reply with any further information that we may require in order to complete an estimate for you.


We’re sure you will be very impressed with the value being offered in our estimate. If you would like to proceed further with the works, we will arrange to visit your premises and carry out a survey to ensure that any new doorsets are made to the correct size and that other requirements are satisfied.


We will ask you to provide us with a written order, and we will arrange the manufacture of your new fire doors in the joinery shop.


We will arrange a date to carry out the installation of the doors. The installation will be carried out by a trained installer, who will document the installation.


Upon completion we will issue you with a certificate for your records, which will show the certified install of your new fire door, or doors.


Maintenance is a slightly different process.

If you have had a fire door survey completed, and are looking for the remedial works to be completed please send your list of requirements and we can work on providing you with costs for the works.

If you have not had a survey carried out, but believe your doors need work, then please get in touch and we will provide you with a cost to carry out a fire door maintenance survey, and then a quote to carry out any remedial works found.

Please be aware that not all doors are suitable for maintenance and they could end up needing replacment.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch!

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